IUOE Local 673  

Business Manager Travis L. Simmons Sr.

Mission Statement:

-To organize the unorganized.

-To give the working men and women employed in the craft of Operating Engineer the opportunity to provide for themselves, along with their families, a better way of life.

-To enjoy the benefits that we bargain for collectively.

-To build and grow our membership , and to provide our contractors with a skilled and qualified workforce so they can continue to be successful and provide employment opportunities for men and women working in the craft of Operating Engineers.

The Officers and Staff of Local 673 of the International Union of Operating Engineers would like to extend our gratitude to all Local 673 members along with our Contractors that provide employment opportunities for our members. Since 1937 our Forefathers took the incentive to create and make viable a Local Union that provides the most skilled, most trained craftsmen in our industry. Since that time, through the dedication and support of our membership we continue towards them same goals today. There has been a lot of ups and downs over the years, but one thing has remained unchanged, that is, our commitment to providing the most qualified, skilled, and best trained craftsman in our industry.

Our challenges today remain greater than ever, but because of our membership, we continue to meet them head-on. We have remained for the past 75 years because we stand together as one, and we will continue to be the leader in our industry for many years to come. To everyone of you that has made the past 75 years possible I would like to say Thank You! United We Stand!

                                                                             In Solidarity